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0 nuggets

Cursor autoclicks once every 5 seconds.

Miner digs out 1 nugget per second.

Mint multiplies your input gold, ejecting the result every 60 seconds.

Towers protect your gold, making it safer from robbers.

Alchemists convert mining by-products from your Miners into gold, making you get more nuggets from mining.

Store gold in your vault to protect it from robbers.

Nuggets in Vault: 0/0

Diamond Miner digs out 1 diamond per minute.

Crystal Grower grows 10 synthetic diamonds per minute.

Only a high-security vault will do for storing precious diamonds.

Diamonds in Vault: 0/1

The Treasure Hunter searches underground for treasure chests and hidden vaults.

Level: 1

EXP: 0/500

Complete achievements to get nuggets and EXP!

First Achievement! Reward = 1 nugget and 50 EXP.
First Click! Click the big green button for the first time. Reward = 8 nuggets and 50 EXP.
A Helping Hand Buy a cursor. Reward = 10 nuggets and 50 EXP.
Look Mom! No Hands Buy another cursor. Reward = 5 nuggets and 50 EXP.
Five-Finger Discount Buy 5 cursors. Reward = 10 nuggets and 100 EXP.
Finger Workout I Click 50 times. Reward = 10 nuggets and 50 EXP.
Finger Workout II Click 100 times. Reward = 50 nuggets and 250 EXP.
Finger Workout III Click 500 times. Reward = 250 nuggets and 750 EXP.
Work Force Buy 5 miners. Reward = 200 nuggets and 200 EXP.
Police? Get robbed. Reward = 100 nuggets and 100 EXP.
Gambler Try your luck. Reward = 50 nuggets and 100 EXP.
Big Bank Fill your vault. Reward = 500 nuggets and 500 EXP.
Clicking Like Arceus Buy 1,000 cursors. Reward = 1,000 nuggets and 1,000 EXP.
My Sparklies Start mining diamonds. Reward = 1 diamond and 250 EXP.
This Is Better Than Gold Have 500 diamonds. Reward = 300 diamonds and 500 EXP.
The Power of Science! Buy 100 crystal growers. Reward = 1,000 diamonds and 1,500 EXP.
I Found It!!! Find and unlock a hidden vault. Reward = 1,000 diamonds and 2,000 EXP.
A Glimpse at History Find an artifact. Reward = 5,000 diamonds, 10,000 nuggets, and 3,000 EXP.
Smart Money Reinvest. Reward = 500 diamonds, 100 nuggets, and 10,000 EXP.

Nothing's happened yet. Maybe things will happen when you are richer?

You currently have no artifacts. Have your treasure hunter search for some!

Paid: 0/24000

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